In Memory of Robert, Owner & CEO of Voice Across America ~ formerly & whose Dream was put on hold when he was severely injured in an auto-pedestrian accident, 7/2202 ... His plan: "We GUARANTEE you'll pay ONLY with funds we raise for YOU!"

Until 7/22/02, Voice Across America offered the following FREE Public Service Program,  called "FREE Fundraiser in a Box!" There were no up-front costs, no risk, no investment, no requirement to return any unsold product, & virtually no paper-work. IT WAS SIMPLE, EXCITING, & FREE: You had only to OPEN the "FREE Fundraiser in a BOX!" & Follow easy instructions to raise the $$$ needed in ONLY a few weeks, or less.

**** If YOU are interested in adding your resources to continue Robert's dream to help others raise funds for their schools or sports teams, if YOU have similar skills & the desire to make it happen, email us! ~ ( ~ OR, click the "Free Fundraiser in a Box" LOGO (Below), or the Voice Across America LOGO, to inquire at the INFO@ form to find out more from the original VAA web site.


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Your organization will receive enough $10 phone cards to raise the funds you need. We customize phone cards for you, including "group name," "group logo," and "members' names." You keep 50% of all phone cards sold and pay only for those you sell.  You are not required to return any unsold phone cards!


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