~ Lady, My Precious Lady! ~ A poem by Robert A. Flaspoehler:

Lady ... My Precious Lady

(to Pamela)

She is there precious sleeping
In her bed - without a care.
A fond covering, but I am not there.

She is up walking to my gentle stare.
O', I do wish I was there!
This pain is really not here
I met her in my dreams.

She is there precious sitting
In her beauty - combing her hair,
Dressing up God's universe
The one now - I am aware!

Now my heartache - she is mending ...
... and how does she do it?
By calmly dressing up my dreams
Urging me to care.

O' God, it is You, and she really is here!

Robert A. Flaspoehler

Copyright 2002   ~  Robert A. Flaspoehler

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