~ Her Life - A Reflection of Love ~ A poem by Robert A. Flaspoehler:

Her Life, A Reflecton of Love

A Tribute to Dot Rogers and to her courage to never give up.

Stopping to look tonight, to where the past shares insight
Her face there, shining like a crystal sea, I know she cared for me
She met me when my boyhood knew nothing of being a man
My growing up glimpses of her, inspired me to be who I am

Giving her husband pure respect, always a hug round his neck
He was "jolly" happy to come home and see her after his long day
And we kids flocked to her front yard, not wanting to miss
Her blushes as he greeted her with a big hug, a pat and a kiss

Her love is genuine.  I learned to love watching her love him
Her inner reserve, her faith over time, like mother earth she is calm
Somehow she knew, that when a woman inspires from above
Life's blessings are hearty and always rich in God's love

There will always be much-a-do about the road less traveled
And I, one of the fortunate few who traveled her road or her mine
She has gone through dark shadowy valleys more than once
I sense her endless nights in prayer and see utter triumph

Thank you, Dear God, for this day of inner retrospection
Thank you for Your sweet kind child, Dot Rogers,
My "next door lady"
Who always instilled when I was growing up to not give up
And reflected through quiet prayer that God is always there

Robert A. Flaspoehler

Copyright 2002   ~  Robert A. Flaspoehler

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