~ The Gathering ~ A poem by Robert A. Flaspoehler:

The Gathering, July 16, 1999

A Tribute to JFK, Jr.

It was a tiny moment in time, my last moment flying
A second look into her eyes and the plane tries to dive
The first look into her eyes I was all but glad to be alive
Oh, why couldn't this be a dream, how could I leave so many?
Wasn't it just when I was three life turned upside down for me?

That pain was dismissed by Mom. She knew this kind of fright
Only a tiny second to have back - Do I go to her? Is that my dad?
The night is deeply dark and wet, yet I feel dry warm and loved
Oh dad pick me up so I can fly, just like before you died

It was a tiny moment in time, My last moment I was flying
My Father hurled me from the sea, now it is Dad, Mom and me.

Robert A. Flaspoehler

Copyright 2002   ~  Robert A. Flaspoehler

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