~ A Christmas Wish for Sweet Brittney ~ A poem by Robert A. Flaspoehler:

Christmas Wish for Sweet Brittney

December, 2001

I wish I could remember
I wish I could know
I wish I could stop wishing
And communicate my soul

I've always known
There was someone
Where is she or am I to go?
Oh, God sow my soul

Would You take my past
When it was my future bright
Wrap in in your tender veil and
Give it back to us tonight?

Take all not just the good
Choices that I have had
Turn them in to only good
Choices that make us glad

I wish You could remember
It's her love that I need so
And grant this Christmas wish
Oh, God please let her know!

Robert A. Flaspoehler

Copyright 2002   ~  Robert A. Flaspoehler

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