~ Awakening from September 11, 2001 ~ A poem by Robert A. Flaspoehler:

Awakening from September 11, 2001

I stand at my door looking at the horizon
My eyes look to where city lights explode
I try to find my soul

My emptiness exposed prior to the dawn
The lights of the city fade and are gone
I look again they are there

Like those doomed in great catastrophe
My frailness is exposed like the darkness
Alone now I await the dawn

Where am I, compared to so much loss & loved
Ones missed in the sky of September eleventh
Light crashes into the clouds

The city lights are gone and so is my dawn
I have a new day to contemplate love & loss
Before life's light fades away.

Robert A. Flaspoehler

Copyright 2002   ~  Robert A. Flaspoehler

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